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Lorie and Teresa at LeMaire events are hands down the BEST people to trust to do your wedding in the CSRA. Two heads are always better than one, and this sister duo definitely work great together. They compliment each other perfectly and each bring something unique to the table. They took my abstract vision and created the perfect, soft, and southern wedding. Like Tina says, they are punctual and flexible and know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. My wedding was absolutely fabulous all because of LeMaire Events and I would recommend their expert opinion again and again and again!

As mother of the bride, it was so wonderful to just turn things over to them on the wedding day and be able to focus on nothing but the bride, confident that all the details were being taken care of. They ensured our daughter’s theme was carried out in every aspect of the decorations and personal touches. The tables were gorgeous from the centerpieces arranged by Teresa to the floating candles, napkins, everything. All of the decorations were gorgeous and we received nothing but compliments on what a beautiful wedding we had. The wedding ran on schedule and Lorie and Teresa handled every detail of the day and any small issues that arose (very few of those, though). Bottom line is they were just wonderful – creative, responsive, and fun. They made Anna’s day what it was and that was just a perfect wedding. Can’t thank them enough or recommend them more highly.


Photos Courtesy of: Moment Photography

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