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Lorie and Teresa are wonderful and were just what I needed for our wedding on March 24, 2012 in Augusta, GA! I had moved from out of state, and was clueless as to which vendors to use for the wedding. Their suggested vendors were great, and they were also up for using new vendors that I had found. They are open-minded for new ideas, but still let you know what has always worked best in the past, and with that help I felt like certain decisions were a lot more easily made. With their experience, they knew what was going on, and what was going to be best for us. Timely email and phone call responses really brought my anxiety level down as well. They always answered my questions so quickly that nothing was ever rattling around in my head for too long.

It was great!! The decorations were amazing at both the church and the reception! It’s like they could just sense our style the first time they met us and put together decor (centerpieces, lighting, chair covers) that brought ‘US’ out even more. I loved walking through the doors are seeing how gorgeous it was. Took my breath away!! They take every detail into consideration. You can’t do any better than these ladies!


Photos Courtesy of: J Rains Photo

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